Charismatic, sensible and creative, you will always find me painting the sky trough love because I do believe in love, a feeling which I extrovert by not counting my footprints.
“Convicted to life” I think this is the most beautiful way to draw my portrait and defining my ART. I embrace and adapt every challenge life gives me and I convert it into real feelings, starting from melancholy to euphoria, from sexuality to innocence, and I’d like to describe it by “pure art” .
Otherwise, Sangvinicus dresses me in a shallow selfiest, the Colericus reproeves my hidden ambition for a while around the corner, melancholy thinks and protects me by imposing rules of society that I love to violate, but in particular, and pheclomatic It helps me to gather only beautiful people around. Still me.. I live loving. Unloving I would just breathe through life. I love love and I love to sit in verse with happy rhyme. If I didn't dance my happiness loving, I'd go hunched wandering for a wasted time. I can't spend my time, and I don't want to sell it to a few happy moments. ... For I do not confuse the joy of the moment that only mimicts happiness, with the happiness itself that through love corresponds to my sense of life. Besides, I know everything has an end. Even time. That's why and I'm important, and that's why I'm living just loving. ' Cause I don't want to breathe my time. I want to feel it. I'm Adina Banea. And I really love my name.
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