From Italy, based in Berlin,
available worldwide.
Design and jazz music are
my favorites



I'm in love with digital experiences and challenging projects. Smiles and diversity are the basis of my approach to build something unique and meaningful.

My Skills
Brand Identity
Art Direction
UI/UX Design
Product Identity
Creative Content

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Charismatic, sensible and creative, you will always find me painting the sky trough love because I do believe in love, a feeling which I extrovert by not counting my footprints.
“Convicted to life” I think this is the most beautiful way to draw my portrait and defining my ART. I embrace and adapt every challenge life gives me and I convert it into real feelings, starting from melancholy to euphoria, from sexuality to innocence, and I’d like to describe it by “pure art” .
Otherwise, Sangvinicus dresses me in a shallow selfiest, the Colericus reproeves my hidden ambition for a while around the corner, melancholy thinks and protects me by imposing rules of society that I love to violate, but in particular, and pheclomatic It helps me to gather only beautiful people around. Still me.. I live loving. Unloving I would just breathe through life. I love love and I love to sit in verse with happy rhyme. If I didn't dance my happiness loving, I'd go hunched wandering for a wasted time. I can't spend my time, and I don't want to sell it to a few happy moments. ... For I do not confuse the joy of the moment that only mimicts happiness, with the happiness itself that through love corresponds to my sense of life. Besides, I know everything has an end. Even time. That's why and I'm important, and that's why I'm living just loving. ' Cause I don't want to breathe my time. I want to feel it. I'm Adina Banea. And I really love my name.