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I'm a freelance designer from Italy, based in Berlin, available to work worldwide.

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Passion, experience and never stop-learning is my mix to turn digital (and magical) ideas into products and experiences.


brand Identity / Visual Identity / Art Direction / Copywriting / Graphic Design


motion design / ux-ui design / web design / Digital Product Design

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brand Identity / Visual Identity / Art Direction / Copywriting / Graphic Design
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Reprobable reunites with its unique footprint, translated into collections of versatile clothing, strong emotions, the inner battle of the invisible Ego with the Ego’s self, exposing us to a real image or on the contrary.
Reprobable is an innovative fashion designer, which does not account for rules but rather revolts against them. Reprobable is dual, on the other hand, it always plaits and completes the activities that they are doing, as it likes the complex style unit that forms its entire enterprise unit by efficient, productive, simple, clean and wise means. He is also playful as the child who barely understands his life, because today he discovers it; although, on the other hand, Reprobable weighs ten times until he decides.
That's how he got used to it, and only so he thought it would be evolutionary, with an upward trajectory, a life from now on.
I return to the idea of beginning, continuing by confessing the fact that Reprobable is truly a bohemian artist who loves with pure and transparent soul, everything that surrounds him. He likes honest, integral, authentic people. He likes kind and generous people, open up to experiences, and he is less attracted to the pragmatic conservator.
Reprobable writes the experience barely lived, and translates it to Lessons, from the point of view of the narrator and in the garments also, from the point of view of the design creator.
All this usually happens over a period of about three months, and represents virtually a deepening of the Self, with understandings, answers to inner questions, creative but also emotional evolution of the designer, Adina Banea, therefore, probably from the point of view of art and design critics, the concept of Reprobable being considered to be one of the innovative pioneers, emergent in terms of fashion niche.
Inner concerns always run during the procedures for the execution of the zero prototype, the first sample of the product. If the Lesson of Life is a completely unlearned one from the subconscious side, the first product will be ambiguous, completely unidentified as a final product. The final prototype is always born when the designer Adina Banea understands the life lesson received from the unpleasant experience, or on the contrary, accepts it, so that it can move forward, without any restlessness in the soul.
The last collection was a fair one, appearing in the aftermath of an aggravating theft suffered by the designer, the theft committed on all the designer's property, on everything that it has been working on for three years, so far.A collection of hard work. A prototype that didn't streamed out because it didn't have emotion, feelings, mood, no life, no understanding. No acceptance. Than the negative. This is in fact the hardest test, the most hazy line of clothes, Lesson Five, the Fear. The fear of death, the fear of losing a parent who left our world, after six months ended, spent in intensive therapy.
Reprobable is therefore a minimalist fashion brand, Romanian, prominently noted positive since the first moment of its appearance on the market, mainly by the fact that each collection partly enjoys a unique concept, Individually, personally.
Each collection is born or ends an important chapter in the life of the designer behind the brand, Adina Banea, each collection transposes moods, emotions, thoughts, experiences lived, with the understandings of the moment, with revolts, silences maybe, anxiety, always with the imprint of the wisdom that comes with the natural evolution.Each collection basically adds, literally, new pages written in the autobiographical book of the author Adina Banea, psychologist or lawyer as basic training, fashion designer but, in everyday life, the book that will soon come out of print.


In December 2016, after not even a month from the brand appearance, Reprobable is qualified as the 'Black Sheep' in Fashion Design by the creators of the Not Just A Label Platform.
What does it mean to be Black Sheeper?

NOT JUST A LABEL is the market leader in our business, a kind of Digital Vogue of emerging platforms that collects the innovative designers of the moment from all over the world, exposing and publicising, sustaining heavily through various channels, the creative spirit, at no additional cost, including by reopening a dedicated online design shop.The "Black Sheep" rating represents the recognition of -level creative potential, for those designers who are pioneers in the creative industry, positively noticed by the unique footprint, through the upward trajectory.
Shortly after this first important step, the designer behind the brand Reprobable, Adina Banea, is invited to participate at the Art Fashion Berlin event, organized by Made New York, in collaboration with ID Berlin Magazin. The designer Adina Banea presented the entire portfolio within a TV moment, to Patricia Field, the renowned stylist and designer at the same time, who accomplished absolutely everything that means fashion design for the main characters of the beloved movie and successful series, Sex and The City.
Following this far-reaching event, Art Fashion Berlin, the Reprobable has been remarked again by uniqueness, so in the near future will appear a collection Reprobable Featuring Pat Field, both designers being delighted by the idea of collaboration in this respect between the two continents, on the of fashion design, collaboration that is expected to be completed in the long term.
2017 - 2018 is again a good and innovative year for those who make Fashion Design.
Adina Banea attends the Competition that nominates annually, through the contribution of over 200 jurors", a Top of the World's Best Designers, for at least 100 categories of creative arts. Thus, the original Reprobable brand is nominated, after the vote of the Jury, becomes a winner of the Silver A'Design Award Trophy, in the Fashion Garment and Apparel category, in the World Competition A'Design Award.
In August 2018, Reprobable performs its first individual fashion show in Sibiu, which took place at the Service of the Ford brand, alongside other national and international designers, during the Feeric Fashion Romanian Week, recognized as the most novel fashion event of this kind in southern Europe.
Reprobable is noted again, this time by Editor in Chief of Vogue New York Magazine, which is impressed by the unique composition of the fabrics used in our collections, by the unity of the innovative and also courageous clothing collection, by the attitude that inspires femininity, power and sensuality, the essential attributes of a woman.
Reprobable is invited to present its look book and portfolio to the loyal readers of Vogue Magazine, the Empire that basically writes fashion at the worldwide level for decades to date.
This year also comes with nominations important for the creative business, the brand Reprobable is thus nominated again among the Winners, but evolving to a different position, to Top 10 Best Designs of The World-Fashion Category. We are currently awaiting results.