Fairytale Lady Jacket


I love telling stories, I love being the main character, I love everything about who I am even though I am not perfect. This ’Fairytale Lady’ Jacket is my day-to-day uniform, made from cotton, love, and viscose as linen, it is a statement piece for sure. Could be off white/white or blue marine color, printed or...maybe not, also you could choose for the termination of the hands to put some rib fabric, you know, that fabric used usually for the sports jacket. Meaning, that you are much more a practical woman, you know, a modern and younger look desire one, rather more than a serious person. Anyway, your luck is that Reprobable has always versatile stuff, easy to mix and match for work or/and when is the time for a cocktail. My new jacket has a cool,casual-chic vibe that suits any powerful woman. Very well-tailored and with a soft touch on the skin, you can wear it at a stylish event or in a business meeting, it’s up to you to style it in your own personal way. Maybe with a cool denim skirt, huh? Great choice!

  • Cotton, Silk Chiffon, Crepe De Chine